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The Webinar is Dead! Long Live the Webinar!

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The traditional appointment webinar is a tried-and-true lead generation mechanism that any marketer needs to have in the toolbox, right? Not according to Michael Kolowich of Knowledge Vision, who’s been promoting the notion of the ‘Flipped Webinar,’ riffing off the concept of the ‘flipped classroom’ where the lectures happen online, before the students gather—and the gathering is focused on interactions between the students and instruction, and among the students.

This Q&A with Kolowich, published on The SEM Post today, outlines the concept and rationale behind the Flipped Webinar—and specifically how Vinja Video might help make it a standard practice.   Here are some excerpts of an hour-long video Q&A, recorded live—discussing and demonstrating the Flipped Webinar produced by Training Magazine Network last fall: